Restaurant Alchemy

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In this brand new book, you get to see behind the curtain and discover proven and powerful diner attraction strategies from hundreds of successful restaurants that will allow you to consistently keep your restaurant tables filled with people!

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Discover How To Consistently Fill Every Seat In Your Restaurant Every Single Day of The Week!

Foundation Building: Developing The Mindset To Achieve Massive Success In Your Restaurant

Learn how to develop the right mindset that you must have in order to implement the marketing strategies to attract new diners that are revealed in this book.

New Age Marketing: The New Rules About Marketing Your Restaurant In This Economy

Uncover the crucial new rules of marketing your restaurant in this challenging economy as well as marketing principles that every restaurant owner needs to know to succeed in today’s economy.

Attraction Marketing Strategy: Sales Messages That Magnetically Attract The Perfect Diners

Learn a step-by-step formula for you to use to create powerful unique sales propositions that magnetically and consistently attract hundreds of your ideal diners to your restaurant.

Million Dollar Marketing Messages: Sales Messages That Will Fill Every Table At Your Restaurant

The proven system for creating all types of marketing messages including ads, flyers, emails or any other type of marketing message that attracts more diners to your restaurant.

Menu Marketing Mastery: Increasing Your Profits & Sales By Improving Your Menu

A detailed plan for increasing your profits simply by improving your menu. This is the quickest way to increase your profits without spending another dime on advertising.

Million Dollar Marketing Strategies: Marketing Systems To Fill The Tables In Your Restaurant

The exact marketing strategies and tactics you can use to keep your restaurant filled with diners every single day of the week. You get over a dozen proven marketing strategies that will work right now. 

Strategic Marketing Alliances & Referral Generating Strategies: Explosive Profit Growth Through Marketing Partnerships

How to partner up and get other local businesses and organizations to send your restaurant hundreds of referrals every month like clockwork.

Catering Goldmine: How To Setup An Instant Profit Center In Your Restaurant

How to quickly and inexpensively add a lucrative catering service to your restaurant that consistently returns a great profit.

Server Profit Boosters: Strategies To Increase Profits By Motivating Your Wait Staff

How you can turn your wait staff into a highly motivated and polished sales machine that increases your average check amount.

Website & Internet Marketing Strategy: Using The Power Of The Internet To Fill The Tables At Your Restaurant

How to use the power of the internet, your website and social media to get more people to come to your restaurant.

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